BfB in the media

Since Mali’s political crisis erupted in March 2012, I’ve been contacted and quoted by journalists from various print, television and web outlets, including the Associated Press, France 24, Radio France International, Time magazine and the Voice of America. Below you can find links to some of the stories available online that refer to my analysis or to this blog.




4 Responses to BfB in the media

  1. Elisabeth F says:

    Hallo Bruce,
    I always enjoyed and appreciated a lot your blog. Just to let you know: I wrote an article for an Austrian newsletter and referred to your thought on the legitimacy of power not democratically elected: (3rd last paragraph), there is also a link to your blog.
    Good start at home, we have returned to Austria end of March, Elisabeth

  2. Carin Wall says:

    I took the libertry of tweeting a quote from your hippo article. Still in Bamako another couple of months. Regards

  3. avdheide says:

    Thank you Bruce for your analysis. I do the same in Dutch but cannot write like you. I lived for 25 years (1985-2010) all-over Mali and saw how Malian society developed itself and was developed and worked for USAID in Gao during the early nineties on emergency through WV and other US VPO’s. Try now to write a book on that period. Malians are masters in surviving but also masters in how to please donors. Sometimes I felt shame to come from a donor country.

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